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Support your local farmer.
Join our csa.
2023 shares now available.

We are proud to be Edmonton’s longest-running Certified Organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): producing our 23rd season! 


Our CSA links consumers who want local, fresh, organically grown produce, to a local farmer. Members buy a "Share" in springtime for their summer vegetables.  The “Share” money is then used to purchase seeds, greenhouse supplies, pay for workers' flights, and start another growing season at the farm. Members (Sharers) help the farm with the Spring costs of getting the farm ready for another growing season. They later share the rewards of a stellar season.

Shares of vegetables start mid-June and run until mid-October.  The start date will depend on when our early crops mature, and the end date is weather dependent.  Once the produce is ready in our field it will be picked, washed, boxed, labelled and then transported to the CSA pick-up location on the same day.   This ensures that our produce is at its FRESHEST and is full of vitamins and other nutrients.

Sharers then pick up their produce each TUESDAY afternoon from their pickup location: either North Edmonton (Westmount) or South Edmonton (Strathcona). Each week a different variety of fresh produce will be available.

A full share feeds a family of four people or two vegetarians/vegans for a week.   A typical weekly Share often includes: bunched carrots and beets; potatoes; broccoli or cauliflower; kale or chard; onion and/or leek; lettuces; herbs (parsley, dill, cilantro); peas or beans; radish; summer squash; tomato; peppers.

There are two options for payment which can be made either by cheque or e-Transfer. 


Option 1: Total - $925

One-time Payment: $925 ($150 non-refundable) paid by April 01. (Pay by March 01 and only pay $910.)

Option 2: Total - $975


Payment 1: $275 - (non-refundable deposit)

Payment 2: $350 - Due April 1st

Payment 2: $350 - Due May 1st


Option 1: Total - $490


One-time Payment: $490 - ($100 non-refundable) paid by April 01. (Pay by March 01 and only pay $480.)

Option 2: Total: $515 


Payment 1: $115 - (non-refundable deposit) 

Payment 2: $200 - Due April 1st 

Payment 3: $200 - Due May 1st 

Just found out about our CSA?  Missed the first payment due date?  No problem...just contact us and we will come up with a payment plan for you. 

We look forward to this upcoming CSA season, and we hope that you join us!

Interested in joining? Get in touch.

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