What are we doing during this time? 

With the current COVID-19 situation we are facing, food security and sustainability has never been of more importance. Sparrow’s Next Organics has always put sustainability as our highest priority and this will continue throughout this pandemic.

We have already started our bedding plants and we are planning to have more than we typically do, as we want to provide plants for families that, given the current situation, wish to increase their food security by starting a home garden. 

For our CSA, there have been discussions about starting a delivery service so that everyone can continue to remain safe and healthy with social distancing. If we do decide to go ahead with the delivery service, there will be an extra fee for this, which is unknown at this current time.

Tentatively what we are thinking for delivery, is that everyone would place a large box or bin on their doorstep and then our workers would place each item of the share into that bin. This would allow us to not have the extra expenditure of buying boxes for delivery, which would increase the fees. If you have any suggestions that could make delivery or pick-up easier, while still keeping everyone safe, feel free to send us an email.

If you still wish to pick-up your share, this option will be available from the market on Saturday, assuming that it remains open.

During this time we will continue with best practices of cleanliness to protect our workers and customers. 

Our mission is to help with local food security and sustainability so that we all remain healthy and safe during this outbreak.