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We sell Certified Organic bedding plants to help you get your garden started and thriving. We use no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. ALL our inputs are approved for use in Certified Organic vegetables and bedding plants -- just like everything we do.

Let us start the seeds and get the tiny plants potted on to convenient-sized containers. You reap the dividends.

We have available for sale:

3 Cilantro + 3 Dill $12/pack

Individual heirloom tomatoes, several varieties including: cherry, roma, mid-size red and larger red... 4" natural fibre pot $5 ea.

3 flat leaf parsley + 3 curly parsley $12/pack

Mix of different kale = $12/6-pack

Lovely mixed lettuces = $10/6-pack

3 green romaine + 3 red romaine $10/

Tiny basil growing by the day. $12/6-pak.

Tiny baby cucumber. Will size up considerably in time for sale. $5 in 4" pot.

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