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About Us

My name is Graham Sparrow and I started Sparrow’s Nest Organics in 2000, after purchasing a 70-acre farm just north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Born and raised in Calgary, by my early-twenties I was quickly losing interest in finishing my degree in Economics. I packed my bicycle and camping gear for a trip to the UK for one year. I spent nine months in Ireland, where I traveled and worked for room and board on several small rural properties. I quickly became hooked on the concepts of self-sustainability, organics, and food production.

When I think back to the beginning, in 2000, I recall my first CSA garden, for thirteen families, mostly friends and family, whom I browbeat into supporting me those first meagre production years. I owned no machinery for years. Everything was done by hand and with hand tools. Transplanting was done using a trowel, with a string to keep rows straight; potatoes were planted by hand along a trench, hilled by hand, dug using a digging fork. I remember the first wash shed, with no lights, outdoors, with only a roof -- no walls to protect from weather. Water and power came by hose and a handy extension cord from the house. 

My farm has evolved over nearly 25 years, but my philosophy hasn't changed. I manage a multi-family CSA, and you can find me in Aisle 5 at Edmonton's Old Strathcona Farmer's Market with fresh, Certified Organic produce every Saturday of the year.

Certified organic since 2003.

Organic production methods are the mainstay of our growing philosophy. We rely on the power of plants —especially legumes, composts, and naturally-occurring minerals -- to build our soils. Check out our Certifier's webpage for more into on the rigorous systems in place to ensure the safety and quality of your organic food.

Where To Find Us

Location & hours

We operate a permanent kiosk in edmonton's old strathcona farmer's market.
Visit us every saturday throughout the year.

Old Strathcona farmer's market

10310 83 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

every saturday 8am to 3pm
Free parking

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